2022 Cribbage World Championship Starts July 8th

The 2022 Cribbage World Championship starts on July 8th, info and signups here. This is a first, we have never had a Cribbage WC. Like most of the best pool games Cribbage is simple in concept but has some subtle strategy. The basic idea is make two balls consecutively that add up to 15. So if you make the 9 ball, you then must make the 6 ball. Making five cribbages wins the game. Failure to make the companion ball is a foul resulting in the initial ball spotting and your opponent having a choice of play in place or ball in hand in the kitchen. So it does no good to make an initial ball if you can't make the companion. Full rules can be read here.
Cribbage is a super fun fast moving game that should have a lot of competitive matches.

This is a Non Real Time Tournament (NRT). Make sure you understand how to schedule matches with your opponent by viewing the tutorial. Note you can play as soon as you have an opponent enabling the tournament to move along quickly. 

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