9 Ball 2020 World Masters

2020 - Who would have thought the world would be like it is now. Our thoughts are with all affected by this new reality.

...But some things go on, such as big Virtual Pool 4 Online Tournaments. And we're ready to host the next: the 2020 9Ball World Masters is coming! Chalk up and do some practicing because this will bring out the best of the best.

Start date: April 17th, 8pm GMT
Entry fee: 300 VP$
Game: 9 Ball
Field: 64 seats available with a minimum of 16
Location: Beach House
Table: Hard Times, Tournament setup, Narrow pockets
Format: Non-realtime (NRT), Double knockout. Winner side race to 15, loser side to 11, single final to 19

An explanation on how Non-realtime Tournaments work can be found HERE. Last paragraph covers NRT.

Tournament page with details and where you can signup HERE

Have Fun!
-The VP4 Crew

Category: Tournaments

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