Barkers155 Wins 2023 Snooker World Championship

Barkers155 defeated Albinario 9-8 in a hill/hill 6 1/2 hour final. It was quite the match with the underdog, Barkers155, getting the win. Barkers155 had been sent by Albinario to the losers bracket 6-2 earlier in the tournament. Alinario had played almost flawlessly with a tournament high break of 146.  But the final had a different tone. Barkers155 kept with his style of being conservative but was more aggressive than he had been in the previous meeting. Alibinario did not have the same polish but still played very well. It all came down to this final frame and Alibnario had a chance to win then missed an easy shot on the blue to give Barkers155 the match win. This is the second Snooker World Championshipo win for Barkers155. See the Final Brackets!

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