2022 Straight Pool World Championship starts Jan 26th

Straight Pool has little luck and a lot of skill and strategy. Surely a worthy champion shall be crowned in 2022. Last year Cobra beat Larry in the final.
We added 2 days to the winnners bracket(mainly to get one more day in the losers). Get your matches sceduled promptly when you have an available opponent. 
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This is a Non Real Time Tournament (NRT). Make sure you understand how that is played by viewing the tutorial.Note you can play as soon as you have an opponent enabling the tournament to move along quickly. 

High run awards:
50: V$100
100: V$300
150: v$1000

Limit one per player.

Note the table pockets are "normal" size which will promote higher runs. Also note that the pocket size corresponds to how most SP tournament are played in RL, SP is not played on tight pockets.

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