How Settings are Saved To Your Profile

We recently improved the game setup save capability based on player and admin feedback. There is a change log entry, this further describes.

How it used to be:
We previously only saved the Advanced Game Rules and Handicap settings by game. Table Settings were not saved per game and only a couple other parameters were saved.

What is saved now:
We still save Advanced Game Rules and Handicap by game. "By game" means that each game has its own save. This makes sense as rules and handicapping vary based on the game.
Table settings are now saved by game. We made this change as players want different setups depending on the game being played.
Private and Password setting for Challenge rooms are saved, not by game.

Default Settings:
The default settings are for new users. When we did this upgrade all profles were set to defaults so after the upgrade, you have what a new user would. So take a moment to setup what you want in your profile, check all setttings.

When does save/restore of your game parameters take place:

Challenge Rooms:
Each time you enter the Creation Room screen, your settings are restored.
When setting up a challenge room, the settings are saved when you press OK for the room creation. 

Match Rooms:
Match Rooms restore settings when you enter the Create Room screen. When setting up a match room, the settings are saved when you press OK for starting the match, but only for the room creator, and only for the very first match.
This reasoning behind this is when you enter a room that other players have setup, then win, you won't overwrite your settings when you setup the next game using their setup. 
Only when you create a room and setup the match for the first time are settings changed.


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1 Response to How Settings are Saved To Your Profile

    Vanwinkle July 11, 2019 at 05:31 pm

    I thank you once again for listening to my suggestion and making the changes. It works perfectly, except for one minor issue:

    When I create a new room in CHALLENGE does not remember my "Beach House" (or other). It always defaults to GARAGE, and I have to select my room each time I create.

    Hopefully, you can address this in future update.

    Thank you!

    Ike (Vanwinkle)

    Edited July 11, 2019 05:31 pm
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