First Virtual Pool League Results

The first Virtual Pool 4 league is complete. The league was 9-Ball and had 15 weeks of normal league play and 2 weeks of playoffs. There were 6 teams of up to 6 players per team with 3 participating each league night. Format was race to 7, money ball handicapped. Players on each team played every other player on the opposing team. Top 4 teams after normal leage play went into the playoffs.


You can view full results on the league page, summary follows.

In the normal league play Lovely Bunch of Coconuts won the league with a record of 11-4, just edgine out Breaking the System at 10-5

The playoffs had 4 teams with 9 Ball Shots defeating Lovely Bunch of Coconuts 7-2 in the final!

Congrats to all teams for a sucessful leage.

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    REELPOLANDPOWER#1 January 15, 2023 at 06:09 am


    Whizzkid February 10, 2023 at 01:03 pm

    hows about a one-pocket league? or a league with more than one type of game?

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