2022 BlackBall World Championship Starts March 31st

The 2022 BlackBall World Championship is starting on March 31st. First time in a long time for a pub pool 8-ball world championship! BlackBall was chosen as it is the defacto standard pub pool 8-Ball game. 8-Ball has always been a great game because of the strategy involved. Pub pool games increase the emphasis on strategy because the curved pockets make running out more difficult so there is more "moving" for table position. The idea of getting a snooker, then an opponent foul to receive a free ball is a powerful tool for solving problems preventing run out. This is sure to be a great championship with a worthy champion.
This is a Non Real Time Tournament (NRT). Make sure you understand how that is played by viewing the tutorial. Note you can play as soon as you have an opponent enabling the tournament to move along quickly. 
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