How to Win More 9-Ball Matches

Let’s say you are a pretty good 9-Ball player, and you run a lot of racks. How do you win more matches? Play smarter!

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Snooker Foul and a Miss

The Foul and a Miss rule is probably the most complicated rule in any game played with round balls and a cue stick on a rectangular table. It is rarely fully understood and often miss-characterized.

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Practice Straight Pool to Improve Your VP4 Play

Straight Pool is great for teaching both because there are lots of pattern choices and many shots require precise cue ball movement.

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Is Pivot English Used in Real Life?

Many good players (Pros and top amateurs) use a pivot, they just don't use it in the form known as backhand English.

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How to Setup VP4 Field of View Like Real Life

Matching the FOV in VP4 to the FOV defined by the screen width and viewing distance gives the most realistic viewing of the pool table and balls.

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