9-Ball Release Party Friday Oct. 24th

Come celebrate the official release of VP4 Online! V$1440 added (based on full field) tournament to say thank you to all our loyal tournament players. 1000 ranking points distributed to the field, winner gets addtional 250 ranking points and a rating bonus of 50!
9-Ball Release Party Sign-Up

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1 Response to 9-Ball Release Party Friday Oct. 24th

    Cloggy October 23, 2014 at 10:38 am

    If it's a release party tournament, why would u have limits on it? I think that's wrong, you should make it open for all (perhaps free for all) better publicity for VP4 and its community. Even for the new players that have bought the game today/yesterday and maybe dont have the v$ to play ANY tournament.


    Just my opinion.

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