Website Rankings&Stats

What can I see in Rankings & Stats?

It shows player rankings and statistics. Here you can find rankings/statistics information for yourself and other players. These can be examined overall or by game and/or event type. You can even look up your statistics against another player.


When I click Rankings & Stats and I see Player Points with my points and ratings, below that All Game Rankings show a list of players. What does this mean.

The Player Points panel shows how many points you have earned. This is overall for all events played of any game type. The All Games Rankings is basically the Leaderboard as it has all points earned by every player on VP4 Online. You can find yourself in the list as long as you have played in an event.


Why did my ranking points go down?

Ranking points are for a continuously sliding season that is 90 days long. In other words the ranking points shown today are the total points from the past 90 days. So there is no advantage to being here first. Any player who plays for 90 days has the same chance as all others at being a top ranked player. Your points can go down as the window slides if you are not winning enough ranking points to maintain your ranking.


How do I view statistics?

Statistics are viewed in a list. All lists can be sorted up or down by clicking on the column headers. Exactly what shows up in the list depends on your search query.

Click the Statistics tab, then select how you want to query statistics. Here are a couple common searches:

  • To see statistics for a game, select the Game Type, then press Go

  • To see statistics for yourself in all games change Game Type to All and then set Player Name to your player name and press Go. Note that multi-game searches only show Common Stats


What is my rating and how does it change?

Rating is a measure of your skill level The website My Profile page shows an overall rating which is a combined rating for all games. You also have a rating for each game that is shown in-game next to your player name, and other places on the website, tournament player list, rankings by game, etc.

The rating is a number which goes up and down based on your wins and loses. Higher numbers are better ratings. Your rating goes up when you win and down when you lose. All games played count for your rating except, practice games (by yourself), doubles (2 player teams), and handicapped tournaments with a point goal game such as straight pool.

How much your rating goes up/down depends on who you play. Winning a match against somebody better than you (rated higher) raises your rating more than winning against somebody worse (lower rating) than you. Same goes for losing, your rating goes down more with losses against a poorer player than a better player.   


Why did my rating stay the same after winning or losing a match?

Rating may not change if there is a large difference in rating between you and your opponent, or if you or your opponent is a new player to the type of game played.


I am giving up a large handicap in a tournament. Why does the player list for the tournament show the incorrect rating for the game being played?

You have a rating for each game and it takes 24 games to establish a rating for each game. If you play in a handicapped tournament before establishing a rating for the game being played, the higher of your overall rating and the game rating is used for the tournament.


Can you explain more about what the rating number is?

The system is a modified Elo system used for chess. It is not a pure points trading system. Better players won't lose as many points losing against a lesser player as the lesser player wins. The design is to not over penalize better players for losing games to low rated players. All players start with a 1500 rating.


When I go to a player profile page I see a skill level, such as B Player, what does that mean?

The overall rating on your My Profile page shows as text and numerically. The text translation of the rating number as shown below:

Rating Text
 0-1200 Rookie
1201-1350 D Player
1351-1550 C Player
1551-1750 B Player
1751-1900 A Player
1901-2000 Professional
2001 and up Champion

Rating to Text Conversion