Website Left Column

What information is in the gray column on the left of the web page?

On most pages you will see a left column that give you important information in real time. There are one or more panels that update approximately every 30 seconds.


I see a panel with my name on it at the top of the gray column. What is it for?

The panel with your name notifies you of new messages and any friend invites pending. Clicking on the New Message line takes you to your Messages in-box Clicking on any Friend invites opens the Friends panel on your My Profile Page.


I see a panel called Alerts. What kind of information is shown here?

Alerts shows important information in real time that you may need to see and act upon. Typical Alerts are about events that need players, friends logging in or entering events, and other important information from VP4 Online. Click on links in the alert to navigate to relevant pages and take action.


There is an Upcoming Events panel. Is this where I find out about events to enter.

No. You use the calendar to find out about events, or you could be notified in an Alert or a Message about events. The Upcoming Events panel shows events you have signed up for. It is there to remind you about your scheduled events and matches. Clicking on the event link takes you to the event page.