Website Calendar

How do I use the Calendar?

The calendar shows you upcoming and currently active events. When you select Calendar on the top navigation bar, it will show the My Events tab. This is your personal calendar. If your new, then this will be blank. Press the All Events tab to show upcoming events. You can use the sort controls at the top to filter events to see only what you are interested in.


I see a bunch of events like tournaments, how do I use the calendar to look at them?

Just left click on any entry in the calendar to see more about it. If it is an event, the event page displays with details about that event, you can sign up if it is in the future, past events you can view the results.


Why is my calendar blank?

The default view for the calendar is My Events which is all the events you have signed up for. Initially it is empty because you have not signed up for any events or added any notes. Click the All Events tab to see everything going on.


What is the List View option for the Calendar?

You can view a list of events. This is particularly helpful for seeing ongoing events like Ladders or Leagues that you have not joined. Those events are listed first by default. Clicking on any column header will sort by that field.


What do the colors for the calendar entries mean?

Calendar entries are color coded to add significance. Press the ? button in the upper right to get a legend.