Website, Overview and Player Profile

What exactly can I do on the VP4 website?

Lots, as it is a complete social network for the VP4 community. It is how you stay connected with your friends and how you sign up for and manage your VP4 play schedule.


So I can play in tournaments and other events?

Yes, you can play in Tournaments, Ladders and Leagues in VP4. You can find out scheduled events by looking at the Calendar, see the Calendar FAQ. Clicking on an event takes you to the event page which has event information and sign-ups. There may also be news about events on the Home page news feed.


What are points and how do I get them?

Points are what determine the player rankings. You can see the top spots on the Leaderboard on the home page. Rankings&Stats shows the full player rankings and can be refined to show them by game or event type. Any time you enter a tournament or play a ladder or league match you earn points. Winning gets you more points, but you still get some points for participating.


What is the My Profile on the top navigation bar?

Clicking on My Profile takes you to your player profile. It has all your player information, awards, recent activity, friends list, teams you belong to, event participation, signed up, and charge history.


Can I see other player profiles?

Yes, you can always click on any player name that you see on the website to go to their player profile, or use the search bar at the top right of the page to find players. When you see other player pages, some information is different, you won't see their V$ balance, charge history, etc. But most information about the player, awards, activity, you can see.


Exacly how is my player name used?

You player name identifies you to other players and show up everywhere, including chat, messaging, tournament brackets, posts, and more.

When picking a player name don't make it too long or it is going to be clipped off in some display areas like this: asuperduperlongplayername may display as asuperduper..

You can separate words by many techniques: pool shark, PoolShark, pool_shark, pool-shark

Note that the system will reject player names that are too similar to existing player names.

You can get clever and use double meanings or phonetic tricks in player names. Just don't make any of the obscene or it violates the terms & conditions of this site.


How do I purchase V$ or in game items such as pool cues

Purchase V$ and cues in the Store. You can see your current V$ balance on your player profile, it is below your picture and logo. There is a Buy button right next to it, click that to buy V$. You can browse your cues by pressing the cue next to your picture or the Case button. Pressing Buy cues takes you to the Store where you can browse and buy cues.


How do I ask somebody to be my Friend?

Go to their player page and press the Friends button below their picture to send a friend invite. You can see all your friends and any pending invites on the Friends tab at the bottom of your player page.


How do I change my account options?

Go to your player profile (My Profile on nav bar), and press the pencil icon under your picture. The Account Information pop-up will appear and you can edit your information.


Is there a place for news?

Yes, the Home page (top nav bar) will show you a news feed with articles about upcoming and past events. There is the Leaderboard and some other information present there.