Welcome VP4 Online player! This FAQ helps you get going with VP4 Online, and answers basic questions on doing common operations in VP4 and the website. Once you are online there are plenty of friendly players and online administrators that can answer your questions and assist you with anything you can't find on this FAQ.


How do I start playing?

You need to create a player account on this website, click register on the top right of the page. Then fill in the registration information. You will receive a validation email after you complete the registration form. Click the link in the email to validate your account, then login to the website. You should see a pop-up message with a download button, press Download to get the VP4 game. Run the installer when the download completes. Then run VP4 and start playing by double clicking the Virtual Pool 4 Online icon on your desktop.

Note that if you purchased VP4 Offline, you already have an account on the VP4 Online website that you created at purchase time. To play online you use the same account, you just need to add player name.


Do I have to pay to play?

No, you can play for free as a player gratis. To become a full player you need to buy some V$ which can be spent on Events (tournaments, ladders, and leagues) or items such as cue sticks. There are some restriction such as play locations for player gratis. To maintain player status requires a minimum V purchase of $9.95 over the last calendar year (from today's date, back one year).


What are V$?

V$ is a virtual currency used for VP4 Online. You can purchase it with any major CC or paypal. If you purchased VP4 Offline, you already have $V1000 in your account.


So there is a VP4 Online game and a VP4 Online website?

Yes. The VP4 game is where the lobby is and where you play VP4. The website has your player page, friends, awards, calendar, news, events, messaging, rankings&stats, uploaded matches, blogs, and more. The website is the social network where you stay connected to friends, find out what is going on, enter events, and much more.


How do I start the game and play?

Double click the Virtual Pool 4 Online icon on your desktop or start from the Program Menu. When the game starts click Login to Online. In the login screen put in your email and password (same one as the website). When you login to VP4 you also are automatically logged into the website.


Where can I get more help or ask questions?

The easiest and quickest way to get assistance is to ask online in the lobby. VP4 players are very friendly and are usually willing to assist new players. There are also usually administrators online, their names are in red in the players list to the right of the lobby chat window.