VP4 Mouse Setup

Getting your mouse setup properly for VP4 is critical to good play. This FAQ should answer all your mouse setup questions.


How do I Auto Set my mouse for my computer?

On first run of VP4 the auto setup for the mouse always runs. You can run it later at anytime by going to Settings/Mouse and pressing Auto Set for Computer.

Auto Set asks you to move the cursor to the right and click OK. Don't go past the button just to it. You are then asked to put in the mouse movement in inches. Note this is the mouse itself, not the cursor. The easiest way to do this is put your finger against the left side of the mouse before you move the cursor to the OK button. Then you can estimate the distance in inches between your finger and where the mouse ends up. The input is a real number so half an inch would be put in as 0.5, and inch and an eight would be 1.125, etc.

You can now tweak by hand mouse settings for Shooting, Rotation and Rotate Slew to best fit your play preference.


I have a gaming mouse, how should that be setup?

If you have a gaming mouse we recommend setting it up like this for VP4:

  • A high sample rate 500 to 1000 Hz

  • Try DPI of around 1000-1600, don't go lower than 800, you can go as high as you want but most players find best result under 2000 DPI

Note that changing mouse DPI or sample rate requires changing your mouse parameters. We recommend doing a Auto Set for Computer after changing DPI or sample rate.


Can you explain setting up the mouse in more detail?

First always do the Auto Set described above. This give you a good starting point for your mouse. Then tweak the setting based on the following:


Lower Shooting if there are problems controlling the cue ball speed. Raise Shooting if it is very difficult to shoot with a lot of cue ball speed (note that this doesn't include really hard like the break, you can use the Amplify key for that). Some players just flick their wrist, some move their whole arm, some do a combination of motions. Wrist flickers will tend to like Shooting set higher than arm movers. If you are a wrist flicker, try arm movement instead, you may find that is a better way to control speed. In general it is better to be a little lower on Shooting than you think as that gives better control.


Rotate controls how much the aim/view rotates when the mouse moves. This is primarily the setting for slow mouse movement, like when you are making small adjustments to your aim. If you don't have fine enough granularity on your aim with slower mouse movements, lower Rotate. If slow movements are too granular raise Rotate.

Rotate Slew

Rotate Slew provides a multiplier when moving the mouse fast so the aim/view can be changed quickly. It allows you so spin view around much faster. If it is too difficult to make large aim/view changes, raise Rotate Slew. If large movements spin the aim/view too fast, lower Rotate Slew. Note that changing Rotate also effects the large mouse movements as Rotate Slew multiplies the Rotate setting meaning Rotate changes may require Rotate Slew adjustments too.


What are the advanced settings?

Advanced settings allow further tweaking of the mouse Shooting setup. We don't recommend using advanced mouse settings for the average player, they are tricking to setup. But you may be able to gain further improvement of your mouse, though no guarantee of that. 

Velocity Comp:

Velocity Average is VP3 legacy and not recommended unless you want to a setup like VP3

Velocity Best Fit is what we recommend, easiest to use and give good results

Accelerated Best Fit is only recommend to practice getting a smoother stroke which can help speed control in the other two modes. It is very touchy and if the stroke is not smooth, the results are poor.

Fit Time:

Fit time is auto sets based on your mouse sample rate. It determines the length of time used for the computation on the mouse samples. Lower sample rate mice require higher fit times. Really crappy mice might benefit from larger fit times. If you want to play with this keep the setting withing a couple clicks either way from the auto set.

Accum Time:

This is the time used to accumulate each mouse sample, in other words the sample rate for the mouse computation. Low accumulation time require high mouse sample rates. We don't recommend lowering it under half you mouse sample rate and don't raise it past your mouse sample rate.