Issues with Connection

What should I do about problems connecting to the game server?

First make sure you can browse the internet to verify your connection. If not, then get that working first.

If you still can't connect, try disabling your anti-virus. DO NOT leave your anti-virus disabled, if that was the problem, re-enable it and then put in an exception to allow vp4online.exe to connect.

If you still can't connect there is a very small chance it is a hardware firewall. If you are behind a corporate firewall, ask your system administrator. If you have a home or small office firewall that is not the issue unless you did a special setup called a symmetric firewall.

You can test if you can get to our game server by pinging


What should I do if I keep losing connection?

If you are getting many connection lost messages, that means your connection is having severe problems. Most connection issues are local. Our data center rarely has connection issues, and if it does other players are going to have connection issues too. So if only your connection has problems, it is most likely your local system, lan, router or ISP. This issue is probably temporary, if it persists, contact your ISP.

Cell connections are notoriously unreliable for this type of activity. So if you are on cell an having issues, try a hard connection.


Why did I get a “connection closed by server because it's too slow” message?

This occurs when messages to you backup in the server. The server retries several times and if the connection blockage does not clear up your connection is terminated. This is most likely cause by a problem with equipment between your ISP and our server or at your ISP. Usually these conditions are temporary. If the issue persists, contact your ISP.