Player Communication and Etiquette

Players in my room are chatting away, am I expected to join in?

That is really up to you. If you feel like joining in do so. If your typing skills are rusty then you may want to keep your chat messages short and simple. At a minimum, it is nice to greet players.


Can I just enter any room without permission?

Yes you can. Players who want privacy can lock the room barring entry without a password. When you enter it is a good idea to greet players, and inquire about joining play. Be aware that players may not want to rotate in a new player in a Match room if they already have enough for a game. Also realize that some players may want to play against similar skill level players. Don't feel bad if you don't get invited into a game, just try another room or try chatting in the lobby to see if anyone wants to play.


What about Challenge rooms, can I play in any of those?

Yes you can, as long as they are not locked, they are open to all players. Be aware that challenge rooms have a limit on the number of players that can queue, so if the room is over limit, you won't queue.


What should I do about abusive players?

Do not be confrontational with players that say something abusive. If abuse continues, Report the player by left clicking the player's name in the player list, then select Report. You must fill in a reason for the report. Report sends a message to moderators that includes both player names, and the chat transcript. Do not send reports unless it is a clear case of abuse.


What are some of the basic abbreviations used commonly by players?

Abbreviations are great even if you type well as they save time. Here are some of the common ones:

  • gg – good game

  • gs – good/great shot

  • gb – good break

  • gp - good play

  • gm – good match

  • gt – good try

  • dgt – damn good try

  • ul – unlucky

  • vul – very unlucky

  • bl – bad luck

  • wp – well played

  • nro – nice run out

  • brb – be right back

  • bbs – be back soon

  • afk - away from keyboard

You can substitute n for g in most of these command so ns would be nice shot.

You can add v to many of these so vul would be very unlucky.


What is considered good/bad sportsmanship?

A good sportsman always treats their opponent with respect no matter if they are losing or winning and no matter what the score. You should congratulate your opponent if they win and complement good play. Don't do anything that could be disruptive while your opponent or any other player is shooting. Chat is not considered disruptive, you can send chat at any time.