Playing in Leagues

We currently have one type of league, a handicapped race to X where each player plays all other players on the other team. There is an optional playoff where the top Y teams make the playoff bracket.

League Night

There will be a specific time and day or the week leagues are played. It is possible to play multiple day/times during the week though more normal would be once a week.

League Playoffs

At the completion of league, the top X teams are put into a playoff bracket and play for additional stature and V$


Teams are composed of a captain and players. There is an option to name a co-captain in case the captain is not available for team lineup changes. There are X players that play each league night. The number of players that play is shown on the League Event Page. Teams can have reserve players which can be put into the lineup if a player can not play on a given night. Lineups must be set before the time/day league night starts. The captain or co-captain can change the lineup.

Creating Teams

Anyone can create a team, the creator is the team captain. If you don’t want to be a captain, do not create a team, instead join an existing team. A team is created by clicking the Team Manager button on the League page then select a name and a logo for the team. Optionally players to invite can be listed too.

Anytime after team creation, the captain selecting the Team Manager button brings up the Team Setup dialog which allows editing of team info, inviting more players, kicking players off the team, a list of members and the averages, and a list of invitations sent out which have not been responded too. This is also where the player lineup is setup for league night.

Invites to players are sent using the Message capability. This also results in an email sent to the player as long as they have not turned that capability off for their account.

Joining a Team

You can only join a team if you receive an invitation. Invites will come via the Messaging system and also email if you have left that turned on in your account information. If your looking to play and don’t know a captain, try asking about leagues and teams in the VP4 Online Lobby. You can find a list of teams with captain listed first on the Teams tab of the League Event Page. You can also Message Support and they can assist with getting you on a team.

League Night

When the play day/time arrives for league, the league matches are automatically generated for play between the teams specified on the schedule. The player lineup for a team is fixed once league night starts so captain or co-captain must have the lineups set before the start time. Changing players after league starts is not allowed so if a player does not show they will forfeit every match.

Each player on a team will play each player on the other team at least one time. Each match won gets the winning players team one point. After a player is done, their next match starts given the next opponent is ready, otherwise they wait till their next opponent is done with their current match.

Teams are awarded a win or loss based on points awarded for each match won. If there is a tie in matches won, the tie is resolved by the following, in order:

  1. Games won. Higher total of games won for all matches played wins

  2. Lineup average. Lower average lineup wins

  3. Team average. Lower average for team wins

  4. Best player average. Lower best player average wins

  5. Coin flip

End of Normal League Play

At the completion of normal league play, team rankings determine payouts and playoff positions. Teams are ranked based on league record. If two teams tie, the winner is determined by the following, in order:

  1. Matches won. Higher total of matches won for all league nights wins

  2. Games won. Higher total of games won for all league nights wins

  3. Team average. Lower average for team wins

  4. Best player average. Lower best player average wins

  5. Coin flip

League Playoffs

After completion of normal league play, league playoffs start. There is a limit to the number of teams in league playoffs, it may be some or all of the teams from the league. League playoff brackets are seeded where highest rank plays lowest rank, second highest rack plays second lowest rank, and so on.
Playoff matches are done on the normal league night day/time. Winners between teams in playoffs advance in the brackets.

The League Event Page

The league event page shows information about the league. It has most of the information you would find on a Tournament or Ladder event page such as, game, handicap type, table setup, etc. There is additional information that is league specific:

Play On: This is the play day/s of the week and time

League Lasts: How many weeks the league runs

League Type: Type of league and description of play. Currently only Handicapped Race

League Players: How many players play each league night, and how many reserve players can be on a team

Maximum Average: Limit on maximum average of all player on the team. This rating limit is also enforced for the lineup, so any lineup change that would make the league night lineup exceed this is not allowed

Playoff Spots: The number of teams that make the playoffs

Event Summary

The Event Summary tab shows the status of the event. It also includes standings and rankings of normal league play and playoffs if they have started.


The Schedules tab shows the schedules for each team, who plays who, and when playoffs start. For past dates there is a Results button which brings up the results for all teams on that play date.


The Teams tab shows the teams in the league, team logo, players on each team, and the average rating of players on the team.


The Matches tab shows any active matches for league night (normal or playoffs). This includes the current score for each team (matches won) plus the current game score of any individual player matches.


The Playoffs tab shows the playoffs brackets and results once the playoffs start.

Player Comments

The Player Comments tab is where players can leave comments about league play.

League Entry and Payouts

Leagues pay out V$ and ranking points. There is an entry fee for each league night only paid by players in a team lineup or in other words only players who play that night. The entry fee is collected at the start of league night.

Teams are paid V$ based on team ranking at the end of normal league. The V$ are divided by players on the team based on how many nights they played. The total payout for normal league is 3/4 of the league purse.

Teams are paid V$ for playoffs based on team rankings at the end of the playoffs. Not all teams may make the playoffs. Playoffs pay each player on the team equally. The total payout for playoffs is 1/4 or the league purse.

Ranking points are distributed to a team based on team ranking and player participation.