Playing Ladders

How do I join a ladder?

Find the ladder on the Calendar by selecting the All Events tab, then click (top left of month). Click on the ladder you want to join and you will see the ladder event page. The ladder event page has information about the ladder, game, requirements, etc. To join click the red Join button.


How do ladders work?

The idea of a ladder is simple, you want to climb it and if possible reach the top rung and try to stay there. When you join a ladder, your start on the bottom rung. To move up the ladder you must challenge a player above you. If you win the challenge, you move up, if you lose you stay where you are.


How do I challenge another player?

Select the Ladder tab on the ladder event page (this is the default view). The ladder is shown from top to bottom. Find your name on the ladder. Players you can challenge have an icon in the far right column. If the icon is pulsing it means they are online now. So if you want to play now, chose a pulsing icon. For scheduling matches at future times any icon will do.

When you press the schedule icon the match scheduler pops up. If you want to play now press Challenge Now and starting times withing a few minutes are sent. If you want to challenge at a specific future time, fill in at least 2 times and click Send Proposal.

A challenge sends the following to the challenged player:

  • alert in the lobby

  • alert in the website left panel

  • mail to Messages

  • email if they are forwarding Messages.

Clicking the link in the alert or message takes them to the ladder event page where they can respond. You get their response in the same ways.


What does the idle column on the ladder mean?

The idle column shows how many days the have passed since a challenge. If there has not been a challenge, it shows a dash (-). Once challenged, the idle day counter starts and shows 0. When it gets to the Drop Days specified in the Details panel, the player drops rungs. The idle days reset when the player plays a match.

So in summary, a player can't drop unless challenged. They drop when idle days reaches the Drop Days. Playing resets the idle days.


When I win a match how many rungs to I move up?

Depending on how far up the ladder you challenge (number of rungs), there is either a full promotion or partial promotion. A full promotion takes the challenged players rung, dropping that player 1 rung. A partial promotion moves up a percentage of the rung difference. The Details panel specifies this as a move percentage the rung count below which a full promotion applies. E.G. Challenge <= 8 Rungs 100% Move, Else Move 50% of Rung Difference.


Do I forfeit if I don't show up or get disconnected?

If you don't show up for your match you will forfeit. There is a Match Timeout shown on the ladder event page that specifies how much time you have to show up, basically a grace period after the match starts.

If you get disconnected during a match, the server automatically saves the game. You have 10 minutes to show back up and continue the match, otherwise the match terminates and the player left in the room wins. If nobody is in the room then the player ahead wins, or in the case of a tie, the disconnecting player loses.