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Is my Credit Card information safe when using the Store?

Yes, very. We have an e-cert which in most browsers shows as with Green in the URL and includes our company name Celeris Inc. All information is encrypted with a SSL connection. We DO NOT store any CC information on our servers.


How do I purchase V$?

Go to your My Profile page. Below your player picture you will see your V$ total and to the right of that a Buy button. Press that to purchase V$.


How do I purchase cues?

Click on the Cue Picture to the right of your player picture, or the Case button below the Buy button to show your cue case. Press Buy Cues at the bottom to shop for cues. You can also go directly to cues by pressing Store on the nav bar and selecting the Virtual Items at the top right to show all cues for sale. There is a category filter on the left panel to get specific types or cue manufacturers.


Do I have to buy cues?

No. You can play using a house cue. This is like going to a pool room in real life and getting a cue stick off the wall.


What is the advantage of buying cues?

There are three types of cues, Play, Jump, and Break, and there are also after market shafts. You must own a play cue to use after market shafts. Play cues look cool and allow you to add after market shafts. They are a statement about your self and you can collect as many as you want. Break cue hit the break shot harder which gives you a better chance of making balls. Jump cues can easily jump the cue ball over blocking object balls. After market shafts have different play characteristics which can make shot making more accurate.


Do I have to buy and after market shaft for my Play cue?

No. You can use the shaft that comes on the play cue. This is a better shaft than the house cues. Some cues come with an aftermarket shaft, see the Tiger cues. Spending more money on shaft upgrades is something you can do later.