Pub Old #2 Rules

Pub Pool is a popular type of Eight Ball played mainly in the United Kingdom on a small pub sized table with rounded pockets. Pub Old #1 Rules are legacy but are still used for some leagues in the UK.


Fifteen balls in a triangle with the black ball in the middle and the yellow an red balls in a specific pattern.

The D

As in Snooker, there is a semi-circle called the D located at one end of the table with the flat side of the D running down head string. The D is the area where the cue is placed when the player has ball-in-hand. There are no restrictions on crossing the D

or headstring when shooting with ball-in-hand.


On the break, at least two balls must pass the center of the table or a ball must be potted. Failure to do so gives opponent a re-rack and break is a free shot with the shooter continuing at the table after the break. If the black ball is potted the shooter re-breaks.


After the break, the shooter nominates a colour to claim ownership.

Valid Shot

If the table is open, the shooter may pot any ball except the black. The shooter must hit an owned ball first and pot an owned ball to continue at the table. Potting your opponent’s ball is a foul unless you also pot one of your own balls or you have a free shot.

Free Shot

A free shot is awarded after fouling and the shooter can legally hit any ball. Balls potted are counted except for the black ball which is a loss. The player then continues to shoot regardless whether or not a ball was potted. The free shot must contact a ball or it is a foul. Scratching on the free shot is a foul.

Spotting Balls

All balls knocked off the table are spotted.

Ball To a Rail

There is no requirement to hit a rail after the cue ball has hit an object ball.

Penalty for Fouls

Scratching is or cue ball off the table is ball in hand in the D. For all other fouls, opponent has choice of the table in position or ball in hand in the D. On all fouls the next shot is a free shot.

Three Foul Penalty


Potting the Black Ball

Unlike the US Eight Ball variants, the black does not have to be called in Pub Pool.

Loss of Game

The game is lost if any of the following occur:

  • the black ball is potted before all owed balls are potted

  • scratching and potting the black ball potting your opponents ball when playing the black except when it’s a free shot

Winning the Game

The game is won if The black ball is potted in the after all owned balls have been potted.


Determine if a running the table is possible. If not plan on playing safe at some point. Pub Pool is harder to run out than US Eight Ball so play safe more and put your balls into blocking positions. Play for Snookers so you can get free shots and break up clusters and blocking balls.

When you have a free shot look to use it to clear up clusters or knock opponents balls that block yours out of the way. Trying to make a ball on a free shot is not always the best play.