Four Ball Carom Rules

Four Ball billiards is played on a five by ten foot table with no pockets. There are two cue balls, a white and a yellow, a red ball, and a pink ball. Players score one point for one ball caroms and two points for two ball caroms. First player to reach the point goal wins.


The pink ball on the foot spot, the red ball on the head spot, the other cue ball on the head string and the shooters cue ball the head string on one side of the red and the other cue ball on the other side of the red.


The pink ball must be struck first by the shooters cue ball.

Valid Shots

Must make a one a carom with one or more balls.


Each two ball carom is worth one point, a three ball carom is worth two points.

Spotting Balls

All balls knocked off the table must be spotted.

Penalty for Fouls

None, players inning ends.


For a safe play where you don’t leave an easy shot if you fail to score, try to leave the balls spread out. Don’t leave your cue ball and the red ball in a corner or close to a rail.

For position play, try to leave one ball "large" in a corner. Leave your cue ball near at least one of the other balls – at least the first hit will be easy to control.