Bowlliards Rules

Bowlliards is pool with a bowling scoring format. This format makes in much different than most pool games because you don’t share balls. Each player shoots their own rack. You can also play solitaire and try for your best score. The goal when competing with other players is to shoot the best score. When playing by yourself, the goal is to beat your own personnel best or try to shoot a 300 point game.


Ten balls in a triangle in no particular order.


No break requirements. After breaking, all balls made spot and the player has ball-in-hand behind the headstring. There are no fouls on the opening break and balls jumped off the table are spotted.

Valid Shot

Pocket any called shot to continue a try.


Players get two tries to pocket all balls in a rack. If successful on the first try it is scored as a strike. If all balls are pocketed on the second try it is a spare. Otherwise, the number of balls pocketed is the score for the frame. Frames scores are kept as in bowling with the player getting up to two additional scoring tries tenth frame (for a strike). If players are tied extra frames are played in a sudden death played in a sudden-death playoff.

Extra Balls

Extra balls pocketed are delayed, and are spotted at the end of the inning.

Spotting Balls

All balls pocketed on a foul shot and balls off table are spotted.

Penalty for Fouls

All balls pocketed on a foul shot are spotted. If it is the first try, player takes ball-in-hand behind the headstring to start the second try. If it is the second try the frame is over.


Obviously you want to run as many racks as you can with strike being the ideal score. Don’t try to make balls on the break. They will spot and leave difficult shots. Try breaking from straight on and don’t hit the rack too hard. You want to spread the balls out without leaving clusters or making balls.

Try to clear balls in front of pockets first. Look for opportunities to break clusters apart. Having an alternate shot to shoot if you get out of line can keep a run going.