Fifteen Ball Rules

Fifteen Ball is similar to Rotation except any ball can be shot. The goal is to numerically eliminate your opponent (61 points minus penalty points). Fifteen Ball is a great game for beginners. Intermediate and advanced players can enjoy Fifteen Ball by playing on a Snooker table.


Fifteen balls in a triangle with the 15-ball in front and higher balls near the front of the rack.


At least two object balls and the cue ball must hit a rail or make a ball. Failure to do so gives your opponent a choice of accepting table position or re-racking and breaking or making the shooter break again.

Valid Shot

Pocket any ball in any pocket without a foul to continue at the table.


The point value on the ball is scored. All balls pocketed without a foul are counted. If the score is tied when the last ball is pocketed the current shooter is awarded an extra tie breaking point.

Spotting Balls

All balls pocketed on a foul shot and balls off table are spotted.

Penalty for Fouls

Three points are deducted from the shooters score. Scratch or cue ball off table is ball-in-hand behind the headstring For all other fouls opponent takes the table in position.

Three Foul Penalty



Try to run the table. Pick off big points whenever the opportunity presents itself.