Bank Pool Rules

Players must bank all shots. The goal is to pocket eight balls. This is a good game for players of all levels. Beginners may want to try it out on the bar table.


Fifteen balls in a triangle in no particular order.


Open break required. Failure to do so gives opponent choice of accepting table in position or re-racking and breaking.

Valid Shot

Pocket any called shot with a clean bank shot to continue at the table. A clean bank shot can’t kiss or carom off any other ball and must hit a non-adjacent rail to the made pocket.

Extra Balls

Extra balls pocketed are delayed, and are spotted at the end of the inning.

Spotting Balls

All balls pocketed on a foul shot and balls off table are spotted.

Penalty for Fouls

All balls pocketed on a foul shot are spotted. In addition, the fouler spots one of his previously pocketed balls or owes a ball to the table. Scratch or cue ball off table is ball-in-hand behind the headstring. For all other fouls opponent takes the table in position.

Three Foul Penalty

Three consecutive fouls is loss of game.

Cleared Table

If the table is cleared without the shooter having won, due to owed balls from earlier penalties or delayed balls pocketed, all of the owed and delayed balls are spotted and the shooter continues at the table.


Go ahead and shoot difficult bank shots just try not to leave your opponent an easy bank. Play safe before leaving easy banks. On banks where confidence is high, play shape for an easy bank next shot. You can play banks that are both offensive and defensive when the shot is difficult by leaving the cue ball in a poor position. If the bank is made you can attempt another difficult shot or play safe and if the bank is missed you haven’t left an easy bank for your opponent. This strategy works very well on multi-rail banks. Don’t be afraid to try two or more rail bank shots.