Change Log

    December 11th, 2016 -
    • Fix issues where re-selecting game resulted in ComboBox shown and no game selected
    • Allow all game types on all tables, except billiards on pocket tables and pocket games on a billiard table

    December 13th, 2016 -
    • No stats for games played on table not standard for the game, for example a pool game on a snooker table will not count in stats
    • Attempt to fix bug where snooker bih in D was outside the d when playing on pool table

    December 20th, 2016 -
    • Fix issues where colors in long chat lines may not be maintained
    • Fix login name formatting on upper right
    • Add table type in () after location for room list
    • Fix formatting issue in room list after window resize

    December 22nd, 2016 -
    • Change cryptic table type attachement on location in room list to text in room list popup

    January 1st, 2017 - Server Update
    • Changed rating computation. There was a bug where certain games were allowing players to get high ratings by playing mostly lower ranked players, and some the low ranked players were becoming even lower. All players with game ratings above 2500 have also been dropped to 2500 as the system was not designed to have ratings over 3000 and that should prevent that from happening. All players with game ratings under 1000 have been raised to 1000. Ratings equilibrium will happen over time, they would have gone this way but helping it along to keep everything running smoothly and fair.

    January 3rd, 2017 -
    • Add 5 frame bowlliards

    January 4th, 2017 -
    • Fix 5 frame bowlliards scoring bug
    • Make frame number on 5 frame start at 1 instead of 6

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